Bearings for Steel and Metals Production

High-performance and Service Life

Bearings for High-Temperature Manufacturing and Processing Environments

Scheerer Bearing has been a trusted partner to the  steel and non-ferrous metals industry for over half a century. As a company based in Pennsylvania (The Steel Capital of the World), Scheerer has worked very closely with steel manufacturers to build and supply the high-performance bearings they require.

Scheerer Bearing’s steel mill product lines are designed with three primary goals:

  1. Simplify installation
  2. Optimize operation
  3. Reduce the immense costs associated with downtime

From standard product lines to fully customized bearing solutions, Scheerer works together with plant equipment designers, rebuilders, engineers, and maintenance personnel to increase production through unparalleled quality and reliability.

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A Dedicated Metal Manufacturing Partner

Operating environments in the steel and non-ferrous metals industry can be harsh. In addition to contamination and extreme temperatures, steel mill bearings are constantly being pushed to their speed and load limits to improve production output.

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Trusted for Durability

By utilizing the highest quality US grade bearing steels, optimized bearing designs and application specific features and configurations, Scheerer’s steel Industry bearings are second to none.

From Leveler bearings to Ladle bearings to U-Joints and Work Rolls, Contact your Scheerer technical specialist for information and pricing.

Superior Performance for the Most Demanding Industrial Applications.

Get Our Competitive Advantage.

Bearings are designed to take a beating in tough environments. With proper design and maintenance, your corrugator equipment bearings can ensure consistent high-performance in high-stress environments.

Companies across the paper industry seek long-term value through precision engineering. Scheerer provides that kind of detailed engineering to manufacturers and processing companies throughout the corrugated, paper, pulp and board manufacturing sector.

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Specifications Required:
  • Imperial or Metric
  • Any special designs and variants (NU, NCF, RAD, etc.)
  • Bore Dimensions (d)
  • Outer Diameter (D)
  • Width of the Bearing (B)
  • Required Load Capacity (C & Co)

Our engineering team routinely reviews proposed CAD designs from customers. We are available to share insights you may not have considered.

Scheerer Bearing is a Global Leader in Large Bearing Reconditioning

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Confident Cost-Estimates — Before Reconditioning

When your bearing arrives for reconditioning, a thorough inspection and assessment is conducted in our testing facility to determine its condition. Scheerer Bearing’s rating system determines the parts, labor, and materials needed to restore a bearing to the original manufacturer’s specifications. A detailed quote is provided including price, options, and estimated time to complete the project. Our quote enables you to decide whether it is more economical to repair or purchase a new bearing. All refurbished bearings are tested for fit, functionality, component integrity, load testing and life expectancy. Reconditioned bearings are guaranteed of any material or manufacturer defects for one year to be free.

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Real Cost Efficiency. Like-New Performance.

Scheerer Bearing routinely reconditions large industrial bearings up to 100” O.D. Our rebuild capabilities include radial ball and roller bearings, ball and roller thrust bearings as well as the steel mill bearings listed above. Bearing sizes range from 2” I.D. to 100” O.D. in many different designs and materials. Scheerer Bearing will rebuild any type or style of bearing from many different manufacturers.

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