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At Scheerer Bearing, we began solving application problems for steel mills, rock quarries and oilfield equipment in 1963 as a ball and roller bearing manufacturer. Today, we partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors around the world, supplying custom, reliable, and flexible bearing solutions. Scheerer Bearing manufactures industrial grade large diameter ball and roller bearings for numerous industries and applications. Our comprehensive bearing expertise spans seven decades of bearing product and service innovation, including custom bearings for original equipment manufacturers. When an application requires specialized engineering, from prototype to modification, we customize a solution. When a standard solution is required, our warehouse stocks bearings ready to ship within 24-hours.

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Bearing Engineering Services

As your custom bearing manufacturer, our engineers approach your application challenges with a passion for problem solving while maintaining manufacturing best practices. Scheerer’s bearing design engineers regularly encounter complex design challenges requiring innovative solutions, such as custom bearing configurations and special bearing materials. Our team is solution driven, leveraging technology for prototyping. Bearing engineering services are available, such as reverse engineering through CMM 3D mapping, solid modeling and finite elemental analysis. Weather you are looking to improve a legacy bearing’s design, or develop and manufacture a prototype, Scheerer’s engineering services are ready to provide you with the best possible solution.

Bearing Reconditioning Services

When your equipment is down and production slows, you need a quick solution. New bearings involve higher costs and longer lead times. When breakdowns and budgets restrict options, a bearing repair is an economical solution. Scheerer offers large bearing reconditioning and repair services. We provide repair services for all types of ball and roller bearings, including slewing bearings, radial bearings, thrust bearings and angular contact bearings.  Repairing or reconditioning a bearing can be an excellent option when there is a need to save on cost and reduce lead time. We also offer modifications to standard bearings, procured from other sources.

Scheerer Bearing Corporation
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Scheerer Bearing Corporation is an Innovator of Bearing and Power Transmission Products Since 1963

Scheerer Bearing Corporation is a bearing manufacturing company and a global bearing supplier with corporate offices and manufacturing facilities located in the areas surrounding Philadelphia. As experts in custom bearing engineering, we are able to offer far more than the standard bearing manufacturer. We make complex custom ball and roller bearings for original equipment manufacturers, recondition large bearings for many industries and help develop frictionless machinery for the next generation of OEMs. When you partner with Scheerer Bearing, you are partnering with bearing expertise and application know-how spanning over seven decades.