Slewing Ring Bearings Manufacturer

Scheerer slewing ring bearings are machined and manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are engineered to withstand maximum allowable static and dynamic axial, radial, and moment loads, providing the optimum combination of weight, performance, size, and sustainability. Our slewing ring line is highly flexible with configurations to suit almost any application or envelope size. Some of our more common applications are:

  • Excavator Bearings
  • Bearings for Amusement Park Rides
  • Crane Bearings
  • Robotics for Material Handling Equipment
  • Forestry Handling Equipment
  • Conveyor System Bearings
  • Rotary Table Bearings
The customizable design of slewing ring bearings allows Scheerer to fill many of your equipment requirements. Some of the most common styles include:
  • Four point Ball or Cross Roller
  • Single, double, and triple row configurations
  • Geared inner or outer rings
  • Sizes range from 4” (100mm) to 100” (2540mm) bores.
Other key features include:
  • Rectangular cross sections that incorporate alternate mounting/lubrication features.
  • Low profile cross sections, when space is at a premium.
  • Sealing features for long lifecycles in the harshest environments.

Scheerer Bearing has a long history of slewing ring manufacturing for multiple industries. We are confident that we can support your needs for a custom slewing ring bearing manufacturer.

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Slewing Ring and Industrial
Turntable Bearings

Slewing ring and industrial turntable bearings are designed for 360 degree rotation under radial, axial and moment loads. Often face-mounted using bolt hole patterns, these unique bearings can support rotation from external components, or can be used as the primary drive feature through an outer or inner ring gear. These bearings come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, from a 5” ID all the way up through a 150”+ OD, and can provide the perfect bearing solution in many different applications. Scheerer’s ability to customize these slewing ring bearings is unique, in that they can be used to fill multiple rolls and serve several functions. In addition to offering interchanges for all of the standard series slewing ring in the industry, Scheerer bearing routinely works directly with OEM manufacturers to design application specific units, and can even provide replacements for discontinued legacy slewing ring bearings. “