Jaw and Cone Crusher Bearings

In the mining and aggregate industries, high quality bearings must be robust to withstand the heat and punishment typical of these demanding environments. Scheerer Bearing engineers have developed bearing solutions for Cone Crushers, Jaw Crushers, Shaker Screens, Feeders, Conveyors, and Wash Plants, working directly with many of the OEM leaders in the industry as a direct supplier for over twenty years.

Crusher Bearing Solutions for the Toughest, Most Demanding Environments

Crusher Bearings That Can Take a Beating
Tough equipment and harsh environments demand reliability and extraordinary performance.

Scheerer Bearing has seven decades of experience developing engineered solutions for large size, heavy-duty reduction equipment. Startup torque, impact loads, high vibration, unbalance, increased friction, skidding, heat generation, and elevated operating temperatures demand a bearing designed specifically for this industry. Scheerer’s bearings increase the uptime of crushers and pulverizers by improving bearing life. We succeed in developing customized design solutions that meet the needs rock crushers and pulverizers.

Jaw Crushers Need Spherical Bearings

Specialized spherical roller bearings support the eccentric and swing jaw shafts. The operating conditions in this unique application require very specific bearing designs, quite different from the standard catalogue bearings carried by run of the mill bearing manufacturers. Using the wrong configuration can mean rapid bearing failure. Scheerer is ready to provide you with the bearings specially made to fit your crusher model.

Bearing Repair and Reconditioning

Scheerer Bearing can typically recondition large bearings and deliver them to you in a fraction of the time required to manufacture a new ones. Emergency bearing repair services are available, sometimes within a 24-hour turnaround.

You can save up to 70% of the cost of manufacturing a new bearing, especially for very large bearings. We help customers with large bearing investments maximize the service lifetime of their bearings and their heavy machinery.

Regularly scheduled reconditioning of critical bearing components can ensure business operations stay on schedule at maximum output.

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