Bearings for Oil Rigs, Oil Fields, Petroleum Industry

Scheerer Bearing has over seven decades of experience producing standard and customized bearings for the oil and gas industry.

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Oil extraction equipment and processing refineries demand the most from their equipment while operating under extreme conditions. Scheerer Bearing provides superior quality delivering the highest operating reliability to maximize production in harsh environments.

Rotary table bearings, slewing ring bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings are just some of the bearings we produce for oil and gas industry equipment.

Custom bearings are also available for rotary tables, mud and fracturing pumps, top drives, swivels and hooks, deck cranes, drill line spoolers and winches.
Oil rigs, oil fields, offshore platforms and petroleum industry bearings require stringent tolerances. Scheerer enforces those requirements ensuring your equipment runs at maximum load and peak performance. Downtime is unacceptable and we will work to get your equipment online as quickly as possible.

Some of the more common bearings we manufacturer for the oil and gas industry:

Large Thrust Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings

Rotary Table Bearings are large thrust bearings designed to accommodate massive loads and challenging thrust applications found in modern drilling rigs. These large thrust ball bearings are specifically designed for extreme thrust loads while maintaining shaft alignment.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Equipment in the oil and gas industry that simultaneously handles both radial and axial loads may be using angular contact bearings. These types of double row ball bearings are often found in gearboxes, pumps, electric motors, winches and rotary tables. As a customized bearing manufacturer, our engineers can work with you to customize single and double row angular contact ball bearings to meet your requirements.

Radial Bearings for Pumps

Scheerer Bearing Corporation produces specialized “N-series” cylindrical roller pump bearings, made specifically to meet the axial positioning requirements necessary during pump assembly and maintenance. API pumps for the Oil and Gas industries utilize a radial ball bearing near the impeller and two 40° angular contact bearings configured in a back-to-back arrangement on the drive end. ANSI pumps are used for less critical refinery applications and are designed with a radial ball bearing by the impeller and a single, 30° double row angular contact ball bearing towards the drive side. Scheerer manufactures bearings for API style pumps and ANSI style pumps.

Full-Service Bearing Manufacturer and Bearing Engineering Partner

Scheerer Bearing is veteran supplier for the Oil and Gas industry. We have bearings operating in nearly every conceivable environment and climate. Some of these bearings include thrust bearings, cylindrical roller pump bearings, swivel and crane hook bearings and custom machined bearings.

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You Know in Advance What You Are Getting and How Much it Will Cost

When your bearing arrives for reconditioning, a thorough inspection and assessment is conducted in our testing facility to determine its condition. Scheerer Bearing’s rating system determines the parts, labor, and materials needed to restore a bearing to the original manufacturer’s specifications. A detailed quote is provided including price, options, and estimated time to complete the project. Our quote enables you to decide whether it is more economical to repair or purchase a new bearing. All refurbished bearings are tested for fit, functionality, component integrity, load testing, and life expectancy. Reconditioned bearings are guaranteed to be free of any material or manufacturer defects for one year.

Reconditioning Large
Bearings for Clients

Scheerer Bearing routinely rebuilds large bearings to original specifications. Bearing refurbishing capabilities include radial bearings and thrust bearings as well as bearings for the oil and gas industry, ranging in size from 2” I.D. to 100” O.D. in many different designs and materials. Scheerer Bearing will rebuild any type or style of bearing from many different manufacturers.