Bearing Reconditioning Services

Customers have saved as much as 70% of the cost of a new bearing.

Industrial Bearing Repair and Reconditioning Services

In addition to manufacturing standard and custom industrial bearings for our distributors, Scheerer Bearing has a bearing services department dedicated to repairing damaged bearings and supporting large bearing reconditioning. Bearings used in earthmovers, mining equipment, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, utilities, material handling and industrial production equipment, are prime candidates for reconditioning. Premature failures of heavy industrial bearings directly contribute to higher operating costs. Equipment downtime is very expensive. Rebuilding bearings is a sustainable alternative to purchasing new bearings. We can recondition bearings of every conceivable design ranging from 2” I.D. to 100” O.D. from virtually any manufacturer, to restore original specifications.

Bearing Inspection and Testing Facility


When your bearing arrives for reconditioning, a thorough inspection and assessment is conducted in our testing facility to determine its condition. Scheerer Bearing’s rating system determines the parts, labor, and materials needed to restore a bearing to the original manufacturer’s specifications. A detailed quote will be provided including price, options, and estimated time to complete the project. Our quote enables you to decide whether it is more economical to repair the bearing or to purchase a new bearing. All refurbished bearings are tested for functionality, component integrity, load testing and life expectancy and are guaranteed to be free of any material or manufacturer defects for one year.