Bearing Contractor for Many DoD Applications

Transport Artillery Surveillance Flight

Military equipment is expected to perform in extreme conditions, and military specifications require components to be more than ready for anything its equipment may encounter. Scheerer has worked closely with the American armed forces and their allies for over 30 years, providing high quality rolling element bearings made right here in America.

Scheerer Bearing meets a variety of military specifications, enabling us to produce highly specialized bearings for the armed forces. We proudly offer bearings and assemblies to meet the unique requirements of the various service branches. Scheerer offers additional technical services ranging from equipment maintenance recommendations to field artillery machinery modifications. We provide standard and custom bearings, assemblies, and reverse engineering design services to the armed services.

An American Military Manufacturer

The military demands confidence, and Scheerer Bearing delivers. Our bearings are in service in the most extreme geographies, environments, and climates. We have overcome significant obstacles encountered by military machinery operating in the field, from salt water to sand storms. You will find Scheerer to be a versatile and skilled partner with an outstanding reputation for both design and full-scale domestic manufacturing capabilities.

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We Reduce Expense and Maintain Performance

Unique military applications require custom solutions. Due to hazardous operating conditions, unexpected bearing replacement is not ideal. Scheerer military bearings are designed for durability and robust field performance making them a true investment. Our bearings allow for planned reconditioning of critical bearing components that are subjected to the most stress and wear. Scheerer is a respected bearing re-conditioner, trusted by corporations and governments to maximize the lifetimes of their heavy-duty bearings.

Roller Bearings
  • Single Row
  • Double and Multi Row
  • Self-Aligning
  • Journal
  • Needle
  • Full Complement
  • Combination
Ball Bearings
  • Radial Single Row
  • Angular Contact
  • Self-Aligning
  • Double Row
  • Paired Sets
Slewing Ring Bearings
  • 4 Point Contact Ball Bearing
  • Cross Roller Bearing
  • ID or OD Geared
  • Three Row Roller
  • Combination Roller and Ball
Roller Thrust Bearings
  • Single Direction
  • Double Direction
  • Single Direction Self Aligning
  • Double Row Self-Aligning
  • Crane Hook Banded
  • Combination
Ball Thrust Bearings
  • Flat Seat-Grooved Races
  • Flat Seat-Flat Races
  • Self-Aligning
  • Banded
  • Single or Double Acting
  • Combination
  • Angular Contact
Z Mill Bearings
  • Multi Row Retained
  • Multi Row Full Complement
  • Shaft Riding
  • Sealed or Shielded